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We are always looking for eyewear brands that inspire us and meet our demands in terms of design and quality. That's why, for 20 years, we have only worked with suppliers and designers that we know personally and with whom we share a passion for glasses. Our goal is to meet and emphasize the personality of the customer.

Optik am Stauffacher Laden Aussen
Optik am Stauffacher Laden Innen


... professionally competent


We only employ trained opticians, master opticians and Bachelors of Science in optometry with the appropriate specialist knowledge and years of experience. To see well, you also need to measure your eyes correctly and fit your lenses precisely. We are committed to this with all our hearts, day after day.


… Service provider


We offer all the services of an optician's specialty store, such as vision tests, eye pressure checks and contact lens adjustments.

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