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Roland von Burg Geschäftsinhaber Optik am Stauffacher

Business owner

Roland von Burg

I love the contact with people and the challenge of identifying individual needs and finding the optimal solution for my customers.

Nicole Lynn Eidg. Augenoptikerin EFZ

Federal optician EFZ

Nicole Lynn

One of my favorite quotes from Coco Chanel is: “Don’t be like the rest of them, darling.” This also includes unusual glasses.

Gabriel Bishop Eidg. Augenoptiker EFZ

Federal optician EFZ

Gabriel Bishop

Transparency, vision, integrity and compassion. These values fuel my passion to inspire others to see the world clearly and develop honest relationships. 

Hansjörg von Burg Geschäftsinhaber Optik am Stauffacher

Business owner

Hansjörg von Burg

Life is beautiful, you just have to look at it through the right glasses - glasses from us.

Sven Krombholz Augenoptiker


Sven Krombholz

It has always been a little more expensive to have good taste. That's why never save money at your optician... and enjoy professionally qualified advice.          


Optical master

Claudia Wichert

I have been working in my dream job for many years. I find contact with people and their needs inspiring every day.

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